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Yoga is the union of lower self with Higher Self to find liberation within the heart.​ 

Want to find more balance in your body and mind and interested in establishing a consistent Yoga or Meditation practice? Then you are at the right place! The Yoga classes I am offering are structured according to the principle of Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Limbs of Yoga by Patanjali and are targeted for creating more spiritual awareness.

Gain more physical and mental flexibility by starting your Yoga practice. I offer Ashtanga Yoga, Yin and Nidra as well as Sound Healing. 
Breathwork is a perfect way to create stability in your mind and more awareness in your body. It is a perfect preparation for any meditation practice.

Create a more healthy and positive mindset as well spiritual awareness. Meditation helps you to put things more into perspective. 

I teach the classes in two different Yogaschools: Tula Yoga and Studio Balance in Amsterdam.
I teach private 1-on-1 Yoga sessions at any location convenient for you.
Yogaclasses are also available on Onefit and Classpass.


Not sure what you need? Or is the timeslot on the schedule not convenient for you? 

Just contact me and we will set up a session.

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