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Yoga | Pranayama | Meditation

Yoga is the union of lower self with Higher Self to find liberation within the heart.​ 

Want to find more balance and peace in your body and mind and are you interested in establishing a Yogic Lifestyle which includes a consistent Yoga and Meditation practice?

Then you are in the right place!

Gain more physical and mental flexibility by starting your Yoga practice today. A consistent Yoga practice helps to calm the nervous system, gain physical strength, has a positive impact on cardio and circulatory health, helps in weight reduction, reduces symptoms of aging such as joint pains etc. 

Breathwork is a perfect way to create stability in your mind and more awareness in your body. It also helps improving lung function, blood pressure, and brain function. Moreover, it is a perfect preparation for any meditation practice. It helps you to get less drawn away and stay more centered during turbulances that happen in your life. 

Create a more healthy and positive mindset as well spiritual awareness. Meditation helps you to put things more into perspective and feel more peaceful in life.  

I teach the classes in two different Yogaschools: Tula Yoga and Blue Birds in Amsterdam.
I teach private 1-on-1 Yoga sessions at any location co
nvenient for you.
Yogaclasses are also available on Onefit and Classpass and I also teach online (check the schedule).


Not sure what you need? Or is the timeslot on the schedule not convenient for you? 

Just contact me and we will set up a session.

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