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What is Orgánica Yoga?

Namaste :) Nice to meet you!
I am Sabrina, a 1
00% Austrian living in the Netherlands :)
A good Yoga practice starts before you step on your mat. So let me introduce myself to you.

My Yoga and healing sessions are meant to be playful. I believe that our lives and how we perceive it is already serious enough for most of us, so I like to inspire with humor and a positive attitude. Strictness and consistency is important in life and also in your practice otherwise it is hard to achieve anything or change things that you want to get rid off. But always while keeping in mind that life is not just serious. 
I believe in the power of the mind. Thoughts are just concepts that our brain needs to understand this world. However, very often if you think negative things, the negative will come to you. If you think positive, the positive will come to visit you.
And this is exactly the philosophy I practice and teach. 

I am a RYT-500 Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher, SYC Sharath Yoga Center Ashtanga Student, Reiki Master, Ayurveda Coach, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator with the following qualifications:
200 Hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, with Blue Osa, Costa Rica
100 Hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, with Ulu Yoga, Bali Indonesia
300 Hrs Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, with Yoga Darshanam, Mysore India
100 Hrs Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training, with Yoga Darshanam, Mysore India
50 Hrs Meditation Teacher Training, with Arhanta Yoga, The Netherlands
50 Hrs Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Arhanta Yoga, The Netherlands
50 Hrs Pranayama Teacher Training, Sampoorna Yoga, Goa India
75 Hrs Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, Kashish Yoga, Goa India

Reiki Master, Zoma Opleidingen, The Netherlands
Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, Anand Opleidingen, The Netherlands
Medische Basis Kennis, Con Amore, The Netherlands
, Laudius, The Netherlands
Marma and Abhyanga Massage Course, Ayurveda Academy and Wellness Center, Mysore, India
Sanskrit Level 2, Sharath Yoga Center, Mysore India
Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, World of Cacao, Online

My passion is to help and guide people on their journey to find a
greater sense of self-awareness and to better understand the
connections between their body, mind, and relationships and how
these elements play a role in mental health. I am currently doing:
Holistic Energy Therapist, Zoma Opleidingen, The Netherlands
Nuad Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, ITM International Training Massage School, The Netherlands
(both expecting to graduate in January 2024).

My mission is to spread Yoga and Healing in many different ways so it can reach as many people as possible
- I am teaching at two different Yoga Schools in Amsterdam: Tula Yoga and BlueBirds.
- I am offering sessions Online through Zoom.
- I am offering 1-on-1Private Yoga and Healing/Massage/Therapy sessions in the comfort of your home or at my business address in Amsterdam West. You can book me for Cacao Ceremonies or any other (group) Healing sessions.

"If you can breathe,

you can do Yoga."


Also I love music, check out my Spotify playlists :)

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