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Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation

Reiki, Sound Healing, Ayurvedic Massage


Yoga goes further than just physical postures.

Finding your True Self is the purpose of Yoga. We offer:


Varieties of Yoga Asana classes such as:

 Ashtanga | (Chakra) Vinyasa | Tantra Yoga | Pre/Post-Natal Yoga 

| Corporate Yoga | Private Yoga (1-on-1)

Varieties of Pranayama and Meditation sessions such as:

Ujjayi, Nadi Shodana, Kumbhaka, Bhastrika and more.

Meditation techniques are vedic as well as tantric meditations.

Varieties of Healing sessions such as:

Yoga Nidra | Chakra Healing | Reiki

Sound Healing | Ayurvedic Massage



Not sure how it works? 

Check out the website, explore the Schedule or the Video Library to join Online or Live Yoga classes as well as Reiki Healing sessions.

Do you want to learn Yoga or you have any injuries? Private Yoga sessions can be organized at your home. 

New to Yoga? Get a trial class and a 1-on-1 intake session for free.

Pregnant? Private Yoga sessions can be organized at your home.

In need of an healing session such as Chakra Reiki Healing, Sound Healing or Ayurvedic Massage?  

Check the schedule to book directly or send me an email to organize a session.  


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New: Tantra Yoga

Interested in a Tantric Yoga Workshop?

(Tantric) Meditation and Pranayama

Next to the different Yoga styles we offer, we also offer Meditation and Pranayama practices that are based on tantric disciplines. The main purpose of Yoga is to reach a blissful state of mind, called Samadhi where fear, shame or guilt does not exist. Using (tantric) Meditation and Pranayama Techniques a key to reaching that state. 

Yoga Therapy (Private)

This session is designed to fit your personal needs. Whether you are dealing with back problems, knee problems, you want to get more flexible or you just want some personal attention during your yoga practice then this is the right option for you. A special Yoga Therapy sequence will be created for your personal needs.

This class can be booked individually.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a sequence of fixed postures which follows a certain Yoga lineage. It is a series of postures connected by powerful movement, breath and attention. Once you experience the benefits of this specific practice you cannot let go of it anymore...

Chakra Vinyasa 

Chakra Vinyasa Yoga is a standard vinyasa yoga lesson but each week the flow is designed with a different chakra in mind. The goal is to spend more time in the area of the specific chakra point to help it open and balance. For example, a class on the root chakra (muladhara) would be a very grounding practice while a class on the heart chakra (anahata) would work with heart opening poses and backbends. Each class will finish also with a pranayama that fits the specific theme.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation also known as “yogic sleep” or “effortless relaxation”. It’s usually practiced lying down with a teacher guiding the session. The practice draws our attention inwards, and we learn to surf between the states of wakefulness and sleep, where our body finds its natural state of equilibrium (homeostasis) – the breath balances and becomes quiet, unconscious and conscious aspects of the mind reveal themselves, and we fall into an innate state of deep, blissful awareness.

"Yoga is not about touching your toes.
It is about what you learn on the way down."

Jigar Gor

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