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Discover the union of body, mind, and spirit

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Discover the transformative power of


Yoga | Pranayama | Meditation

Ayurveda |  Massage Therapy

Energy Healing Therapy

in and around Amsterdam, the Netherlands


 Are you ready to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and grow spiritually?

We focus on three major pillars essential for a healthy and balanced (yogic) lifestyle: Yoga, Ayurveda & Massage Therapy, Energy Healing Therapy. All of them complementing each other perfectly.


Yoga | Pranayama | meditation

 Ashtanga | Vinyasa | Yin |  Pre and PostNatal Yoga | 

Yoga Nidra |  Private Yoga (1-on-1)  | Breathwork | Meditation | Cacao Ceremonies

Benefits: healthy, flexible and strong body, prevent and cure physical pains such as backpain, improve the respiratory and cardiovascular system and many more.


Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Advice 

Benefits: adapt your diet based on your predominant ayurvedic constitution (dosha), reduce digestion or stress related problems, improving skin related problems, helps improve sleeping quality and more.

 Massage therapy

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage  | Marma Therapy |  Thai Yoga Massage | Deep Tissue Massage |

Thai Foot Reflexology

Benefits: eliminates toxins, increase blood circulation, reduce joint pain and increase flexibility, lowers blood pressure, releases headache, backpain, neckpain or sore shoulder.

 Energy Healing ThERapy 

Chakra, Reiki, Crystals Healing | Sound Healing | Microdosing | Regression Therapy | Visualization techniques |  Bioenergetic release | Family constellations | EFT | Somatic Body Work | Trauma Release techniques etc.

Benefits: promotes relaxation and peace of mind, reduces the level of stress, depression and anxiety, dealing better with traumatic experiences and many more. 




Yoga: Tula Yoga & BlueBirds or Online (Zoom)

Massage Treatments: Blue Birds West, Amsterdam

For 1-on-1 sessions: Hugo de Grootplein, Amsterdam

Private Yoga: at your home or Online (Zoom)




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